Monday, July 12, 2010

A special afternoon tea

People in Canberra and Melbourne will know Koko Black. It is a haven of chocolaty goodness. Filled with all sorts of wonderful concoctions made of chocolate (unlike the Lindt cafe they don't even try to pretend to serve savory food) set in elegant and comfortable surroundings.

It is a great location for a catch up, so much nicer than the ubiquitous "coffee". Today, I met up with my friend S. She was my early mentor and we have been friends ever since. Koko Black is our normal meeting place as both of us love the excuse for an indulgence.

The photo is my afternoon tea: hazelnut hot chocolate, silken chocolate and raspberry tart and a raspberry thing that was like whipped aerated raspberry coulis. I must admit it was much richer than I'm used to and I am feeling just slightly that I overdid it, but it sure was enjoyable to over-do!

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