Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping in touch

This afternoon as I was working away, my Skype popped up and there was my friend A with her gorgeous little baby Scarlett. We had a quick chat while Scarlett had afternoon tea and caught up on all the important news as well as saw how well they are both doing.

Last night I had an email exchange with another friend who is in England. With her it wasn't such happy news, so being able to quickly exchange notes back and forward and offer at least some semblance of comfort was really good.

With friends around the world, skype, email, facebook etc are my lifeline. It isn't that long ago when I was just out of high school and some friends were doing tutorships in England that I used to write letters. I still write the odd letter and send Christmas and birthday cards, but the instantaneous of communication now just thrills me.

I hope you all get to catch up with someone special in your life today.

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