Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The savoury side of life

I've written quite a bit on chocolate and other sweet things so it might interest you to know that I actually consider myself as having more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one. Hence in the quest for balance, today's musing is on the wonder that is coagulated milk protein - I'm talking cheese people.

I love, love, love cheese. Hard, soft, red, white or blue, it is all good. About the only cheese I don't like are those ones with what I term "foreign bodies" things like pepper, chives or fruit.

Really, you can't beat a gooey piece of brie, unless maybe it is with a sharp piece of parmesan or a good old stinky blue - really I can't pick just one. One of my favourite desserts is slices of crisp fresh apple topped with a thin slice of edam. mmmm

Such is my love of cheese that I really look forward to "cheese slices" a show all about cheese (!!!) on the ABC on Wednesday nights.

And possibly it is in anticipation of "Cheese Slices" that my thoughts have turned to cheese today, or possibly it is because I just ate a slice of tasty cheese and enjoyed it hugely.

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