Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another day, another inappropriate dress

So while yesterday I was getting in touch with my 60's housewife, today I went looking for my inner Greek goddess. Long ago at the start of Frocktober I promised that should I be successful in reaching my goal of $1,000 I would wear a formal gown to work.

Well I reached that milestone by my birthday and ever since the debate has raged over which dress should be worn. Votes were solicited, counted and the tally was in favour of a red goddess number with black sequined collar by Matthew Eager.

It is such a long dress I need to wear very high heels with it which meant I also had to be careful of such things as catching it in the wheels of my desk chair or sweeping past the kitchen where goodness knows what had been spilt on the floor.

Still I had another marvelous day sweeping about the office. There is just something about unusal attire that makes the day enjoyable.

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