Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old photos found ...

As you know, I'm participating in Frocktober, frocking it up to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Institute.

I'm doing it in memory of my Aunty Sue who died of ovarian cancer a few weeks ago. Other than the ovarian cancer link, Frocktober is hugely appropriate because Sue used to make me and my sister the most wonderful dresses and costumes when we were little.

To show off her gorgeous creations Mum and I have just been through piles and piles of old family photos. I came up with four fantastic photos, one of which is here (my sister and I on Australia Day at the 1988 bicentennial celebrations) and the others you can see at my fundraising site.

Along the way we found all sorts of memories. From pets of the past, to family celebrations to silly shots taken just to annoy people. It was fantastic. Every few minutes one of us would exclaim and the picture would have to be passed around.

I'm now determined to find the time to really sort and scan all the photos because they are such an instant mood lift with the memories of fantastic times in the past.

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