Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aunty Sue

This beautiful rolling pin is from my Aunty Sue. It is nice cool marble so will roll pastry just beautifully.

I'm lucky enough to have had some wonderful people in my life, and Aunty Sue is a very special one. She isn't a relative, she's my Mum's best friend, but she is as much a part of our family as any blood kin.

When my sister and I were small she would make us the most wonderful dress-up costumes. Pink tutus, long net skirts, even little mop caps and long dresses for the bicentennial Australia Day celebrations in 1988. I remember being incredibly jealous of one skirt my sister got. It was two layers of different blue tulle with sparkly ribbon attachments. I got a different one with an overskirt of ribbons, but it just wasn't as great as the sparkly skirt. However when I was 11 she did make me the most wonderful dress, a black long sleeved top with a v back (!) and 3 layers of electric blue ruffles for a skirt. It was the most marvelous dress. To this day I have a beautiful patchwork blanket on my bed that Sue made me for my 21st birthday.

Sue and her partner David were also important guests at our Christmas Eve celebrations. We do the European thing of celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve complete with presents. In order for Santa to get a chance to put the presents out, after dinner Sue and David would take my sister and me out for a walk around the street looking for Santa. David was particularly creative. I remember crouching down with him, his cigarette lighter outstretched checking for Santa in the storm drain. What we though Santa might be doing in the drain I'll never know, but they kept us thoroughly entertained in our search until presents had arrived.

They lived on a farm out at Womboin and many an enjoyable day was spent out there, attempting to catch yabbies, or just exploring. It was always a good day when we got to visit Sue and David.

As we grew up, Sue in particular was always a guest at the important occasions of our lives, birthdays, housewarmings, etc. It just wasn't right without her there. Most recently Sue was a very important guest at my sister's wedding. She was there with us as we all got ready, and was Mum's support person throughout the day.

Her rolling pin now sitting in my kitchen. Just a little thing that every day will make me think of her and how lucky I am to have had Sue in my life. Special people who love us just for who we are don't come along every day, and they are to be treasured for the wonder that they are.

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