Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A day for the birds

Well it is August and winter has finally arrived, with cold wind straight off the snow, icy showers and freezing nights - just don't tell the birds.

Everywhere I see birds preparing for spring. There are the magpies and currawongs carrying ridiculously long twigs to weave into their nests, the fairy wrens are bright blue in their female wooing best and the rosellas are seeking out tree hollows.

Next to our office is a big old abandoned building. It is prime real estate so no doubt it will soon become a flash modern office building, but for now, the rosellas seem to have taken it over. Most mornings as I walk past you can hear them twittering away, but this morning, one particularly bold little guy was sitting on the hand rail just next to the footpath. He was just lovely, chatting away to his friend higher up the wall investigating entry points.

I think it is such a privilege to have nature so close on a daily basis, I do love to watch the birds, so this little guy made my day.

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  1. I've just discovered your blog and it brightened my day. Thanks for the lovely sentiments.