Monday, August 9, 2010

The first bulbs of the year

This morning I opened my living room curtains and spied a little patch of bright yellow brilliance - the first daffodils of the season.

They are by no means the first daffodils in Canberra. The unseasonably mild winter has encouraged bulbs and blossom trees across the city to get in on the act early. I imagine it must be playing havoc for the poor gardeners at Floriade which is still a month away.

But I was a little late in getting my bulbs in the ground this year, so they are the first in my garden. They are actually mini daffodils, just a bit larger than a jonquil and very sweet. The photo is what they look like, not actually my garden because while I happily stood enjoying them from the window, it was freezing out there this morning!

I love the emergence of the spring bulbs. They arrive a little before the warm weather, just as winter feels like it has been dragging on forever and remind you of the warm days to come. Next up should be the bluebells (appallingly named as mine are also white and pink), I will keep you posted.

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