Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old photos found ...

Today we were having a discussion in the office about spray tans - yes we work very hard, but you need moments of lightness and in an engineering based company the girls need to have those chats sometimes. Anyway, I was looking for a photo of myself from a friends wedding where I was a little on the orange side of tan to show what happens when they go bad. I couldn't find it, but I did come across these lovely photos I took a few years ago.

They are from the reserve land behind my parents house and are from what is probably my favourite time of day, that time between bright sun and night, where the light seems to get warmer, even as the day cools and everything glows in the late sun.

I actually remember taking these photos quite well. It was quite cool, but there was a little smoke in the sky which gave the sun that particularly stunning orange colour which all of us who live in bushfire prone areas know so well. There was no breeze and the colours were so vivid I just felt the need to rush out the back with the camera. It was lovely coming across these by chance, beautiful memories.

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