Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Compliments

Do you ever just randomly compliment someone? I do, and you get some funny reactions, from delight to people weirding out. But still I think if someone looks lovely, or does something nice, or anything else like that, it is really nice to comment on it.

That said, I must admit I'm not brilliant at accepting compliments. Somehow I always feel like there is a "but" coming or the person has an ulterior motive. Problem of growing up in a girls school where ulterior motives were de rigure I think, but I'm working on accepting them at face value. I mean, even if they have some other reason for saying it, I might as well get to enjoy the compliment!

I'm thinking of compliments because today I got a lovely one, quite randomly and out of the blue. It wasn't about anything important really, but the fact that someone took the time to send me an email is just touching. It reminded me how nice it is to get a compliment and I'm going to focus on it again.

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