Sunday, August 15, 2010

Singin' in the rain

Well actually walking - my singing isn't anything that is going to make anyone smile!

Today we had that very light misty rain. It might be a little cool but I love the feeling as it settles on your face, something like a very natural facial.

To be honest, getting soaked in the rain probably wouldn't be high on my list of favourite things, but I've had some amazing times in the rain. A brilliant Midnight Oil concert, complete with thunderstorm (lightening and the Oils are an excellent combo). Dancing in the warm summer rain in a Paris courtyard. The U2 concert which they could have postponed but instead added in lyrics about the rain. Touring the Iguazzu falls in Argentina as wet as if we had been standing under them. Somehow in each case the little extra discomfort made the experience all the better.

So while my hair may now be doing the frizzy thing, each time I get caught in the rain, it reminds me of all those other wonderful experiences.

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