Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Political Satire

For those not from Australia, you may not be aware that we are currently having an election - possibly one of the most boring elections on record. Voter apathy is huge and while I'm generally pretty into keeping abreast of political developments I've found myself nodding off at times.

Depending on who you are supporting we are standing up or moving forward. It all sounds very action filled but really this is an election that has failed to captivate.

Still, it has resulted in some good political satire. Saint Paul's Letter to the Electorates has been amusing me for several weeks now. And just today I was directed to Australian Politics: A Harry Potter Primer. I have laughed out loud reading both of these - which probably gave away the fact that I wasn't working to my colleagues.

Thank god for some humour being directed into this election. If you too are feeling a bit over the election, check these out, they may revive your enthusiasm - well for satire if nothing else.

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