Saturday, August 7, 2010

Legs trump ribbons

This blog's title is brought to you by my lovely dance partner, Mister M.

Tonight we went to see Tango Inferno. If you like dance, tango in particular, and have the opportunity to see them then do. They were absolutely spectacular. The whole show was just inspirational for a newbie tango dancer, if I could be 10% the dancer those people are I would be thrilled.

Anyway, for the half hour prior to the show audience members were invited on stage for a milonga. A milonga is basically the tango equivellent of a dance party. Mister M and I jumped at the opportunity. We made our way on stage, had a couple of dances, changed partners a few times, then as there were more women than men up there I found myself sitting out - just as the pros came out on stage!

The next thing I knew one of them was asking me to dance! It was very cool. As a baby tango dancer I didnt keep up that well but it was a thrill. It was only after the dance had finished that I found out the pros were only meant to ask the experienced dancers who were marked out with a red ribbon on their lapel! Apparently according to Mister M my very short skirt and long legs on display had been more inviting than a red ribbon!

I do feel bad for the experienced dancers who missed out but what an absolute thrill for me.

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