Saturday, October 16, 2010

Automating tasks

Hand washing - that small print on a clothing label that causes one to reconsider purchase, except that it always seems to appear on everything that I want to buy. It used to be that I would allow said items of clothing to pile up in the dirty clothes basket till my cupboard was bear and then spend hours, my hands turning into prunes as I wrestled with buckets of cold water and Martha Gardener's Wool Mix.

However those days are past - I have a washing machine that handwashes. But I hear you say, all washing machines have an illusionary delicates setting which lures you in once only to ruin a perfectly good outfit. No, my washing machine has that setting, but it also has a handwash setting and it is so gentle that I will trust it with silk, delicate knits, even embroidery and sequins! Owing to the wonder that is my washing machine, my delicate hands have not been immersed in the laundry sink for 4 years now and my wardrobe of handwash only items is larger than ever.

So why is the marvelousness of my washing machine particularly pleasing me today? Well frocktober is providing me with a disproportionately large amount of said handwashing - but I'm doing it right now, as I type. And who doesn't love that!

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