Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm a real makeup girl. It started when I was a teenager and as a treat Mum used to let us get our eyelashes tinted. Makeup was banned at our school, but due to the naturally dark circles under my eyes I also used to always wear concealer. I remember being about 16 and having a teacher pull me aside to ask "if everything was ok at home". I replied that it was, except I had run out of concealer - she thought I had been up crying all night!

These days I feel completely naked without at least concealer, mascara and preferably some eyeliner.

But one thing I don't often wear is lipstick. I love lipstick, it makes me feel so glam, but I usually don't wear it because, well to be frank, I'm lazy. It is all the reapplication that needs to happen. I mean at the end of a day, my eye makeup may be fading a bit, but it is still pretty good. Lipstick is gone with the first thing I eat, or more often than not because I don't wear it often, the first time I randomly wipe my mouth.

But today I had a whole host of big meetings, plus it is the first day of Frocktober when I will be going all out on the glamour front, so I wore it. And you know, it does make me feel more glam. Maybe I should give this lipstick thing a go more often!

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