Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

There is so much I could write about today in terms of things that made me smile as today is my birthday.

As the date is 10-10-10 I had a 10th birthday party, so I could write about the joy of reliving childhood party memories, eating chocolate crackles and fairy bread, playing pass the parcel, having a spectacular pink dolly varden cake.

Or I could write about my gorgeous flatmate making me a "Princess Lisa" party crown to wear for the day.

Or I could write about my gorgeous friends and their delightful children that they brought in fancy dress (so cute!!!) to add to the party.

Or I could write about swishing about in a party dress complete with big fluffy red petticoat.

Or I could write about my family, Mum making my my traditional birthday cake despite having a badly cut hand and my sister seeking out a gorgeous birdbath for my backyard which I've been looking for years for.

But what I am going to write about is the thing that I look forward to on my birthday more than anything else, because I'm not sure that Dad is quite aware just how much I love it. Every birthday, my Dad writes me a poem.

No matter how busy he is, or what else is going on, he writes me a beautiful poem, right from the heart. I love it. The minute I see that card attached to a present, I have to open it and read the lovely thing he has written. For me, the poem makes my birthday and is the best thing I ever receive each year.

Today's poem is no exception, in fact it really may be one of my favourites ever, it was just lovely, so much so that I want to share it with you.

Ten, ten, ten
It happens now and then
Ten, ten, ten
And when it does its then
That magic things just happen
That wonders do abound
That life and love are fulsome
With joy the only sound
So take up all your glasses
And charge them with great cheer
And make a toast to Lisa
The lovely girl who brings us here
Our love for you is special
As special as you are
We bless each star we have you
Our very special star

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