Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woo Hoo, Wednesday Lunchtime

Being a blogger, I like to read other blogs too. I really appreciate the enormous amount of effort and time people invest in their little online treasure troves and it inspires me to work harder on mine (I think it may get a new look when I have some time over Christmas).

There are heaps I like, but one of my favourites is a little bit more like a weekly newsletter of funny stories than a real blog (sorry Tony, I know you take your role as "blogger" very seriously). Anyway, the blog in question is The Scrivener's Fancy.

Described as "lowbrow commentary in elegant surrounds" every week it contains 4 articles written by Tony Martin, Avril Rolfe, Matt Quartermaine and a guest writer. They are usually stories based on the minute of life, written from a comedian's point of view and without fail, I enjoy them every week. It is published on a Wednesday.

So despite the temptation to put off my work and just straight online each Wednesday, I save it up as a special treat to enjoy over lunch. It is great, an excellent lunchtime read and the perfect way to mark the middle of my week. And it is surprising how often they relate to me! For example, after wrestling with the BigW DVD scanner today, it was highly amusing to come back and read Tony Martin's article on the same topic.

So if your mid-week needs a lift, give it a go!

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