Friday, November 5, 2010

Casual Friday

Does your workplace do casual Friday?

My workplace is generally pretty casual unless we have clients in, but because of my role, I tend dress "corporate" although not necessarily suited up. However, I do join in on casual Friday, usually by wearing jeans.

Today is my first Friday since Frocktober, so it was the first day back in jeans since September! Oh how I love jeans, I really do. They are just a brilliant item of clothing, so comfy, look so good, just so nice to wear.

Maybe it was because it was my first day back in jeans in a month, but when I went out to lunch, I noticed how many people do the casual Friday thing by wearing jeans. But while jeans may be the staple for casual Friday, what people wear on the top is very variable. There are plenty who go very casual top to tie. Personally I like to wear nice shirts or a jacket because it still makes me feel " worky" and I noticed quite a few people do that, but one guy was taking it to the extreme. With his jeans he was wearing a white business shirt, tie and suit jacket - he had literally just replaced suit pants with jeans to go casual. He reminded me of the old shots of newsreaders with shorts on under the desk!

So whatever way you do it, I hope you have had a great casual Friday.

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