Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Renewed shoes

With the weather heating up, last weekend I packed away my boots and other warm winter shoes and pulled out of storage all my cute little summer numbers. All of a sudden my wardrobe is filled with bright colours, bows and peep toes.

It is so exciting to get them all out again, like having old friends around for a cup of tea, they all have stories associated with them. I start planning outfits that will work with the insanely high multicoloured pair, or what will go with leopard print peep toes (in my world - everything) and remembering shoes which had slipped my mind during the long winter break.

So this morning I was able to reach in and select a pair of white peep-toes with black bows to go with my outfit.

The only thing now - I must start painting my toenails again!

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