Saturday, November 27, 2010

I know I'm early - but Christmas time is here!

I know it isn't quite December but I couldn't help myself, I've put up my Christmas tree. I love Christmas and I really enjoy all the trimmings. The ritual of putting it all together, the joy of finding favourite decorations, the satisfaction of sitting back and admiring all the hard work once it is done.

I love how the house looks kitted out in seasonal splendor. As well as the tree, I have a wreath on the door, a bowl of baubles on the table, a wooden advent calendar and numerous other decorations. I even decorate my front hedge!

Some of the decorations have been passed down the generations, others were gifts, still more were saved up for and then there are the ones from the $2 shop. They all work perfectly together to create my own special interpretation of Christmas.

Now to just finish the shopping and get on with the partying!!!

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