Friday, November 19, 2010

Tasty Treats and Spontaneous Visits

There was a birthday in the office today. You know what that means - a trip to the Flute Bakery. Today's request was a mixed berry frangipan tart (and yes, I do take the picture in the box, once out it never lasts long in this office). Oh it was good, the berries juicy, the frangapan moist, the pastry crisp. It was a delicious combination.

Of course I needed a little reward for driving all that way and today it came in the form of an apple and rasin strussel danish. It was another stunning example of their brilliant flakey, buttery golden pastry, topped with apples, a few raisins (not to many which was good) and excellent straussel. My Mum is the straussel queen and I can say, that the Flute's almost completes with hers. Toped off with a light dusting of cinnamon, it was worthy of licking the paper bag out for any last crumbs.

But today had an extra surprise. Only moments after happy birthday had been sung and the tart devoured, my phone rang and it was A who was in the vicinity and wondered if I had time for a quick coffee. I love a spontaneous occasion, so I jumped at the opportunity. We had a drink and a catchup while baby-S slept peacefully.

What a particularly excellent morning!

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