Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An opening worth savouring

Ahh the joy of reading that first page of a new book that tells you, this is going to be a good story. Really there is nothing like it, I simultaneously want to rip on in, but at the same time want to eek it out as long as possible.

I'm always slightly saddened when I finish a great story. When the tale has been told, the characters finished with. I know I can read it again (and I often do) but there is just nothing quite like that first time, when the story is new, the outcome unknown, it is all just so exciting.

Today while waiting for an appointment I started reading "Water for Elephants"by Sara Gruen. People have been raving about it for ages, so on a weekend away I bought it and promptly lent it to my Mother. She assures me I will love it and while I managed to read less than a chapter she is right. The writing is beautiful, I'm already compelled by the characters, in short, I can't wait to get home and reading!!!

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