Saturday, November 6, 2010

Market Fresh

There is nothing I like more on a Saturday morning than sleeping in. But next on my list would be going to the fresh fruit and vegetable markets. This morning I had to be out and about early which meant that I got to the markets by 8am.

I find being surrounded by all that fresh produce just inspiring. There are rows of gleaming fruit and vegetables like a very healthy rainbow. The butcher and fishmonger are stocked with the best and not to mention the delights that await in the bakery. I always find time disappears whenever I enter one of the deli's as I wander the aisles checking out all the preserves, oils and vinegars or trying to decide which of the lovely cheeses to enjoy.

Being out there in the early morning also meant I almost had the place to myself, so it was a lovely relaxing shopping experience. It might have been an early start to Saturday, but it was an enjoyable one.

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