Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Social Whirl

So you may notice that this blog entry is a little late, that is because yesterday I got caught up in the social whirl that often seems to happen at about this time of year. Everyone has emerged from the hibernation of a long winter and as the weather warms they are inspired to get out and socialise.

I had a delicious brunch with Mister M and Gorgeous A, attended a ladies only dance body movement workshop (so much fun, it was all wiggles and giggles), met up with friends for a dinner to farewell someone off to work in America for a few years and finally made it to a 30th birthday party! What a day.

One of the amusing things was seeing the same people at each event. We would arrive, and leave at different times, but it seemed our circle of friends really was circling yesterday. Such fun, it really was a day of smiles.

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