Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm a happy little Vegemite as bright as bright can be - well I certainly am after a good dose of vegemite.

Like any good Aussie, it is my cure-all. Hangovers, colds, mid-afternoon slump, it can all be solved with vegemite. I even traveled with one of the squeezy tubes of it through South America. My companions laughed when they first saw it, but a week into the sugary confections that equal breakfast in South America they were begging for it! It was such a staple of our trip that we created this photo of us with our beloved tube of vegemite out on the salar in Bolivia.

This afternoon I smelt the delicious smell of vegemite toast and I just had to have some - thank goodness for an office that provides the ingredients, it was the perfect afternoon tea.

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