Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Race that stops the office

The Melbourne Cup. From outside Australia it must seem like madness. An entire city stops for the day, the whole nation stops for the race. It is the day where suddenly everyone has an opinion on horses, where someone who has never been to a track will rave on about form and pedigree. People hold parties, office get togethers, run sweeps, place bets when they never usually go near the TAB, not to mention the hours and money spent on outfits and hats for the event - and it is all for a horse race that is over in a few minutes.

Well even if it is a form of group madness, it is something I love. The tradition of sitting around watching a horse race with my colleagues, usually with some sort of tasty afternoon tea item in hand, is one I cherish.

For the last few years in the ACT we have had a public holiday on Melbourne Cup day. It was moved to a different day this year because in short, it was bad for business and people actually really enjoy the camaraderie of Melbourne Cup in the office. I've really missed Melbourne Cup in the office, so today I had a load of fun, settling down with my colleagues and watching the race. This year I didn't even manage to get a bet on but it still made my heart leap to watch those horses.

I even wore a giant fascinator into the office in the spirit of the day. No one else dressed up, but it sure was fun for me!

I hope you had a great Melbourne Cup day and that it was luck or fashion filled for you.

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