Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful days

We are heading into my favourite part of the year, late summer / early autumn in Canberra.  The nights have started to cool down giving the mornings a delicious crispness which is invigorating (as compared to the soon to be experienced minus temperatures which make snuggling in bed lovely but getting out if it a chore that often evokes swear words).  The days are filled with clear blue skies and a warm sun that can still generate a decent temperature by midday, and the breeze is light and fragrant.

Today I spotted the first yellowing leaves, a sure sign of the approach of autumn.  The afternoon sun has begun taking on that particularly warm golden glow that seems to accompany this time of year, but the days are still long enough to get out and do something after work.

More often that not at this time of year, people greet each other with the statement "isn't it a beautiful day" because really when the weather is this gorgeous, it is more than just inane banter to comment on it.

All in all, it a beautiful time in this city of mine.

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  1. I do love Autumn time - the beautiful leaves. Crisp and fresh mornings are so invigorating, you're right. I've really been noticing and enjoying this lately too :) It's a lovely time.
    Heidi xo