Wednesday, February 9, 2011


When I was a kid and had been good, or when we were out somewhere special, or when Mum was in a good mood we often got to have a milkshake as a treat.  As we got older a milkshake maker was actually purchased and then I used to have them regularly.

But somewhere over the years, I stopped drinking milkshakes.  Possibly it was because it wasn't cool to order them as a young image conscious adult, possibly it was some concern for the calories they hold.  Whatever it was, I could probably count on one hand the number of milkshakes I've had over the past couple of years.  There has been the odd fancy iced-chocolate drink, but a traditional milkshake, in a paper cup, not for ages. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I was sitting at my desk feeling like having something when it occurred to me that what I really wanted was a chocolate milkshake.  Nothing fancy, just ice-cold frothy chocolate milk.  I located the nearest vendor of said drinks and ordered one.  Milkshakes are as good as I remembered.

This afternoon my fancy turned once again to milkshakes and yup, I think its confirmed, I'm back on the milkshake bandwagon.  I don't think it is just that they are delicious, they are also filling (they make an excellent afternoon tea alternative) and most importantly they remind me of being a kid.

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