Saturday, February 26, 2011

A new toy

I have a new app on my phone which means I can take all sorts of interesting looking photos. It is called hipstomatic, and I've had a brilliant time playing with all the settings and seeing what it can do.

Today was the perfect day to try it out as today was my sister's best friends wedding.  Deb is pretty much another little sister to me, so it was a great honour that she had asked me to be a part of the day, not only by attending but by doing the bride and bridesmaid's hair and checking the venue was set up correctly.

Because I was involved with getting the girls ready, I had lots of opportunity to play with my new toy and take some great photos of them getting ready.  Then of course there was the ceremony (gorgeous, I cried as I invariably do at the weddings of people I love) and the reception which provided more opportunities to play.

It was a beautiful wedding of two very happy people and I'm thrilled for them.  But I'm also just a little bit excited that I will have some fun wedding photos to share with them too!

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