Saturday, February 12, 2011

Celebrating our multicultural city

This evening I donned my mother's dirndl (the German/Austrian national dress, think a milkmaid, or check out wikipedia) and headed to the Canberra Multicultural Festival.

Say what you like about Canberra but we put on a good Festival.  Rain had been threatening but didn't eventuate so the middle of the city was quite literally packed with people sampling the fantastic food and drink from dozens of different countries and cultures while watching music and dance acts.  It is a massive highlight every year, I really love going and it was extra fun going in a national costume.

The only thing is that I am significantly taller than my mother which makes her dirndl a mini on me, but I didn't hear any complaints - in fact Mum commented that it was the length she had wanted when she got it in the 60's.

We ate great food, wandered the stalls (well were carried along with the tide of the crowd) danced some salsa and some tango.  It was excellent.  I was meant to get to another event, but the vibe of the city was so brilliant I couldn't drag myself away. 

Another great day in the nation's capital.

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  1. I happened to be at the mutlicultural festival last year! It is a great day out, isn't it. I love that you wore your mum's dirndl :)
    Heidi xo