Sunday, February 27, 2011

A present for Dad

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday but as we were all distracted by the wedding, all we managed do was to have a birthday cake breakfast (a family tradition) and give him some presents.

So today Mum is cooking the big birthday dinner, roast duck, red cabbage and potato dumplings all washed down with Moet that he got as a present.  Normally dessert is chocolate mousse and that is what we will all be having but Dad has been hoarding the last of his blackberry sorbet that I made.  Given he seems to love it so much, and given that it is his birthday, I thought I would be a good daughter and make him some more.

This of course also meant another picking trip.  Luckily the bushes are still covered, if anything the berries are even better than they were, so in half an hour I had enough for a double batch.  I brought them home, pulverised them up and they are currently churning away into sorbet.  I think he will be very pleased.

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