Friday, February 4, 2011

Girls Night!

Years ago, I was terribly broken hearted, quite shattered really so a group of my gorgeous girlfriends scooped me up and took me out for a fantastic night on the town.  That dinner not only helped repair my spirits, a conversation during it resulted in me finally getting to go to South America and most importantly that night marked the birth of the girls night.

Ever since then, several times a year we gather to eat, drink and gossip.  Our partners and male friends are convinced (well hoping really) that girls nights involve us having pillowfights in our underwear.  While I will neither confirm or deny these rumours, I will say that they are always fantastic for the simple reason that a night with a big group of your closest friends will always be great.

Tonight the girls are descending on my house for mexican food, cocktails and gossip (and maybe a pillowfight, you never know) but I do know it will be wonderful.

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