Friday, May 20, 2011


3.30itis, mid afternoon slump, low circadian rhythm.  Call it what you will, it hit me hard this afternoon.  After hours of reading procedural documents and reviewing detailed items, I found myself standing at the office door wondering why it wouldn't open - till I remembered it isn't an automatic door and I was going to have to open it myself.  It might be ok if I was new, but I've worked in this office on and off for about 5 years.

I determined that a walk and some sugar was required.  I headed out into the cool, fresh day.  We might be headed for the second coldest May on record in Canberra but today is quite pleasant and a quick walk through the chilled but not cold, refreshing air was much appreciated.

Sugar came in the form of a rather decadently large piece of chocolate caramel slice.  I could have taken a photo, but I just ate it.  All.  In one go.  I'm quite fussy about chocolate caramel slice as I make a fantastic one (very similar to this one), however it was very good, with a deliciously sticky caramel filling.

Thus revived, I returned to the office now functioning at a level where I could once again operate a door.


  1. This is hilarious given I have just walked down to the Cafe to retrieve myself one.
    Time stamped: 3.26pm

    1. There are some days where you just can't function without some chocolate caramel slice Emma! Hope you power on through the afternoon now.