Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eurovision 2011

Bets were laid on the timing of the sight of the first white suit, completely sequined outfit and unitard. The room was full of people in strange outfits, speaking with random fake accents and eating European themed foods. The TV was on and all eyes were on it. What else could it be but the finals of Eurovision 2011!

I love Eurovision, there really is nothing like it for sheer madness. Over the years it has produced a few great songs, but overwhelmingly, the memories are of the crazy costumes, appalling dance routines and wacky themes. 

If the quality (or lack there of) of the songs, costumes and choreography weren't enough, every year the host country has to put on a show. Germany filled all the requirements. A "funny" male host with two attractive, yet ridiculously attired women as foils. Intros to each country's performance that just serve to mystify the viewer - this year the postcards featuring a native of the performance country who lives in Germany. And of course a stadium filled with screaming fans in costumes that equaled the contestants for strangeness and creativity.

There were actually a couple of great songs.  Italy's jazz number was a definite standout, as was Iceland.  I loved Estonia for its adhearance to the Eurovision "rules" of a catchy pop song, neon costumes and crazy dancing.  In the end the winner was Azerbaijan with their duet and range of white costumes (yes white suits AND a white fishtail dress). The best comment was from SBS commentator Sam Pang who said that the couple looked "a little too mother and son for my liking".

However I hold out that Moldova was robbed. Not only did they have a great song, they were wearing 4 foot high black gnome hats and had an equally hatted fairy on a unicycle riding around during the song. Now if that wasn't enough to win, then the lead singer installing his monical at the end should have done it.

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It has been another memorable year.

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