Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jumping in leaves

Would it be a bit sad to write a post on how much I'm appreciating the softness of aloe vera tissues right now?  I have a head cold and they are saving my poor nose.  The ad for them used to feature a woman blowing her nose with sandpaper and really, when you have a cold that is exactly what normal tissues feel like.  But aloe vera ones are just so silky and soft.  It was brilliant advertising.

However I refuse to fall into the pit of woe is me that is so easy when you have a cold.  So here is a post in homage to fallen leaves.

This year's warm early autumn kept the leaves on the trees and turned them the most beautiful and brilliant shades, but this super cold snap has seen most of them fall to the ground to form big, dry, crunchy piles - perfect for stomping about in.

My mother is a fan of jumping in piles of dry leaves and she has passed that love on to me.  I have great memories of being a teenager and jumping in a massive pile of leaves with Mum outside a popular market while my sister stood back wishing the earth would swallow her up and take her away from these embarrassing relatives.

Even now dressed in a suit and high heels, if I spot a lovely big drift of leaves I just have to jump into it (after a quick look around to make sure no one is watching).  I'm not entirely sure why it is so enjoyable.  It is something about the crunch, the dry earthy smell and that feeling of being a child all rolled into one.  While not quite as good if the leaves aren't thick enough to jump on, scuffing through them causes a very nice rustle that satisfies the craving.

As winter wears on, the leaves will be raked and put into compost heaps or used as mulch, but for now, they are my plaything.

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