Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something old, something new

My family was one of those very many families that were thrown into dislocation by World War 2.  Many family members died, fortunes were lost and those that survived fled at various time leaving their possessions behind.  As a result I treasure those few things that survived and which provide a link with the past.

One very special thing I have is a pair of earrings that originally belonged to my great grandmother.  They used to sit in my jewellery box as I would hate to lose one, but I realised, that keeping them safe wasn't letting me enjoy them.  So now, I regularly wear them.  I love them, they are small and delicate.  They don't attract any particularly special attention or comments from others but they are very special to me.

They are also the oldest thing in my wardrobe and today I paired them with the newest, a white shirt from Witchery's ovarian cancer research foundation fundraiser range.  After the death of my Aunt last year from ovarian cancer, I like to do whatever I can to support this great research cause.

So I've ended up wearing two items that are very special for very different reasons today.

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