Monday, May 30, 2011

Flox Stockings

Sometimes I wonder what architects think about when they design buildings.  The building in which I work was designed with a large airy atrium.  True it brings light and fresh air into the middle of the building, however in summer it acts like an oven and winter like a freezer.  It gets so cold out there that you have to seriously consider donning a coat and scarf to make the dash to the toilet.

The biggest downside is that every weekend, it sucks the warmth from the office and it takes half of Monday to build it up again.  Last year I survived Mondays in trousers, boots and thick socks.  But I prefer to wear skirts, so today I decided to road test Flox stockings.

According to their website "The secret to Flox is the superfine fleece lining. It creates maximum warmth and comfort while still making sure you look fashionable. It’s a secret because they look just like any ordinary pair of tights on the outside. While you wear all your favourite dresses and tops over Flox, no one will know the difference, except you."

Pulling them out of their wrapping, they certainly felt thicker and more spongy than normal opaques, but once on (and they fit my silly long legs well) they look just like your normal black opaque stocking.  They do indeed have a fleecy lining somewhat reminiscent of fleecy track pants and I immediately noticed that they were considerably warmer than normal stockings.

After numerous injuries, my ankles are quite sensitive to the cold and while I wouldn't say they felt toasty like they would in hiking socks, I wasn't attempting to wrap my feet in a scarf as I have done before.  My upper legs which had the added protection of a pencil skirt were really quite comfortably warm.

They are quite quick to pick up fluff, but that might just be static from having been in plastic, so I will give them a handwash (as recommended) in woolmix and see if that helps.  I've also heard that they are prone to stretching, so it will be interesting to see how long they last, but so far, very good!

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