Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mmmm burgers

A really good burger is a fantastic thing. The perfect combination of meat and vegies, all in an easy to hold bun - in theory.  In reality I've found the best burgers are always so deliciously juicy that they drip all over the place.  They really are finger lickin' good!

I've been lucky enough to try some great burgers in the past 24 hours.

Yesterday we checked out Grill'd. It opened with much fanfare a few weeks ago and its popularity was evident by the line and lack of tables.  After managing to secure one right down the back, S and I split two excellent burgers and greatly enjoyed them.  The first was a beef burger with cheese and bacon.  This was definitely our favourite.  A great balance of flavours and a particularly nice patty.  The other was a Moroccan lamb burger.  While it was a good burger, it didn't stack up to the beef and could definitely have been better spiced.

Today after a dance rehearsal S and I headed to London Burgers (on London Circuit) for what is rapidly becoming our traditional post rehearsal burger. Their burgers are massive and come with a large side of beer battered fries so we always split a burger - yes, we have half a burger each and that is definitely enough for lunch!  Today's option was a fantastic rosemary lamb burger. We would criticise it as being possibly a little heavy on the onion and a little light on the rosemary but it was still great. S rates them as the best burgers he has had in Canberra.  Next week however we may try the fantastic looking waffles we always see people eating there.

Mmmm burgers.

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  1. haha you're right, Burgers are most definitely in the air! I adore the Sweet Chilli Chicken Grill'd burger :) Wow, London Burgers sounds great - and waffles too! YUM
    Heidi xo