Monday, May 16, 2011

Bakery fresh

So if it hasn't already been obvious from recent posts, it is c-c-c-cold in Canberra.  Of course it gets cold here every winter, I just want to point out that it isn't winter yet!  -7 degree mornings in May are just a little out of the ordinary and it has caught me somewhat off guard.  My brain hasn't quite switched to winter dressing and I've been caught chilly a couple of times recently.

All of which makes me ever the more grateful for warming things in life.

This morning was freezing - literally.  There was ice everywhere accompanied by a thick fog so that you couldn't even bask in the sun to warm up.  I bundled myself up and headed off to work via The Flute bakery to pick up a cake for a colleague's birthday.

The cake was delicious (an apricot frangipane tart) but my smile for the day was the moment of stepping into the bakery.  On a cold and - well to be honest - miserable morning, I don't think anything smells quite as fantastic as a bakery.  And of course The Flute being the bakery to end all bakeries it smelt extra fab.  It is a combination of the smell of yeasty fresh bread, rich sweetness and the warmth of the ovens.  It was like stepping into a little bit of heaven.

Stepping out was difficult, however I did have my (now) hot little hands full of baked goodness, so that softened the blow.

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