Friday, May 27, 2011


How many families do you have?

I know the official definition of a family is generally something along the line of a group of people related by blood or marriage.  However I prefer a more open interpretation of a group of people related by a common bond.  The bond could be blood or marriage or it could be shared experiences, interests, etc.

I of course have my often referred to fantastic family who are genetically and legally related to me, but I like to think of my circles of friends as families too.  Like a hugely complex venn diagram they intersect but have their own identities.

Today I had lunch with with SEAF - the South East Asian Family.  They are the group of people who I travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia with earlier this year and who you may have got to know on my travel blog  It was such a great trip, it absolutely cemented the bonds of friendship between the 8 of us.

But we are 8 very busy people, corralling us together is not an easy task.  Not all 8 made it to lunch, but those who did had the usual rowdy, irreverent, laughter filled conversation that marks our get togethers.  It was just lovely.

On a side note, to those who started to follow me from the Vogue forums, I have been banned.  Apparently over the many years and thousands of posts, I've started a number of inappropriate threads.  I do know I started one about pets and another about cleaners before I become aware that those were no, no topics and I've also started a few on news and current affairs that were more about society today than strict news topics, so the Vogue Fashion Police have spoken and Vivacious is no more.  I hope that I've been a productive member of the community, it has been fun!  However who knows what fantastic new forum I will now find to waste my time on (feel free to make suggestions).

And I hope the Vougettes will continue to read me!

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  1. Oh my God the V Forums are getting more and more like communist state everyday... poo, poo to them!!! I mean seriously, peeps get their knickers in knots over the most RIDIC things.

    Anyhoo... we are going to Tetsuya's for H's bday!!! I am so excited for that too!!!
    We are having the DG w/ wine match... I will let them know it's Hamish's b'day so he can be embarrassed bahaahahahaaa