Thursday, May 26, 2011

A baby's laughter

I am at that age where my friends are having babies. Long ago I think I thought that when this happened we would have turned into different kinds of people.  Now I know we are all just the same, my friends just arrive places with bigger handbags and small bundles of cuddles.

But the arrival of small people has given me the excuse to buy the gorgeous products available.  I've found the most divine handmade toys, fantastic outfits and recently I purchased the cutest mobile.  It was for a friend who now lives in England.  I thought her little girl should have some aussie influence, so I found a mobile hung with felt Australian animals.  It certainly made me smile and my friend proudly hung it over the change table.

Today I received a fantastic email telling me all about the wonder that is the new arrival Bess and the love that she has brought into their family.  But it also included some news for me.  Here is direct a quote from the email:
And...I've saved the most exciting news for last. Last night, we went out for a drink and left mum at home with Bess and...drumroll...she did her very first laugh...

...wait for it...

...while looking at...

...wait for it...

...your Australian mobile!!!!

So there, how many people can say that they've given a baby a present which brought on their very first laugh? 
How many people indeed?

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