Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the inside looking out

Well yesterday may have been glorious but today has been freeeeeezing.  Icy cold wind, sago snow in places, sleet in others.  There was black ice on the road this morning and thick low clouds have hung around throughout the day.

Certainly NOT the day for a walk around the lake - however exactly the kind of day for catching up with a friend over chocolate cake and orange pekoe tea!  One of my last friends from high school still residing in the nations capital is abandoning this miserable cold weather and is moving to Perth, so we made sure we had one final afternoon tea together.

It is slightly surreal saying goodbye.  I will definitely see her again and thanks to the wonder of technology will be just as in touch as when we lived in the same city, but it is a goodbye none-the-less.  So we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea and mused about what is to come.  And outside the dried Autumn leaves rushed past on arctic blasts while we sipped and gossiped and were warm.

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