Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The most amazing friends

I've said it before, and I'm sure I will say it again, but I am truly blessed with the wonderful group of people who I have the privilege to call my friends.  It is enough that these wonderful, special, talented people let me be part of their life but then they go and do something so touching, I'm almost beyond words.

Last Saturday I had a busy day.  A dance rehearsal, walking in the city to meet friends, checking out some furniture stores, a lunch and dinner out and a house party.  We were out and about from 11am till 1am, and it was only when I got home that I discovered I was missing an earring, and not any normal earring.  It was a sapphire earring, one of the set that my parents gave me for my 21st.

I immediately realised that after such a busy day, it would be almost impossible to trace my steps and find it - most likely it was gone forever.  Dismayed I headed to bed, thinking about how much I love those earrings.  When I got them, they seemed like my first "grown-up" jewellery.  They would be worn for the rest of my life and one day, passed down to my children or grandchildren.  I was so excited to show my friends at uni that I ran down the driveway, tripping and spraining my ankle!

Much as I was trying to be all que sera, sera about it, I was pretty upset.  That night I even dreamt about finding the earring.  Being in S's car and looking down to see it twinkling up from between the seat and the door - and yes I did check there the next day.

On Sunday I realised my only hope to finding it was to identify a time when it was lost.  As we had seen a bunch of friends during the day I posted about the loss on Facebook and asked if anyone had noticed I only had one earring in.  Miraculously someone recalled I was wearing both at the dinner and as a result I got in touch with my friend who had hosted the house party - and he found it!!!

I could not have been happier, I literally did a little dance in the office when the news came in.

However, while all this had been going on, my amazing friends had already been planning a rescue.  After seeing the Facebook message, and knowing how important it was to me, they were quietly organising a kitty from which they were planning to get me a new earring.  People had pledged serious amounts of money and they were working out a strategy to get hold of my other earring so that they could get it matched.

These are not rich people.  They have kids, mortgages, bills etc. I know that these are people who would always be there for me in a crisis, but to know that they care so much that they would try to help me out in this kind of situation is just mind blowing.  I mean, it is really just an earring, but they all knew what it meant to me.  I do not have the words to express how amazingly lucky I feel to have people like this in my life.

So guys, I could name and shame you all, but you know who you are as do I.  From the bottom of my heart please know how much you all mean to me and how your friendship blesses my life every day.

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  1. i know that empty pit sadness feeling when you lose something so special - so happy you found it and what wonderful friends you have x