Monday, May 9, 2011

Bargain Hunt

I do love a bargain and today I scored an excellent one.

I'm going to an event in costume this coming Saturday and decided at the last minute that what I really need to finish it off is elbow length black gloves.  However as I'm hardly likely to wear them frequently I didn't want to spend a lot on them.

Elbow length gloves aren't the most common item around, but DJ's stock them.  Still I wasn't really pleased about the idea of shelling out a lot of cash for them, so I high-tailed over to Hot Dollar to see what I could find.  Sure enough, for literally a 10th of the price of DJ's, I found a great pair in a stretchy fabric that actually fits my long fingers!  I was thrilled.

Now just to find a red rose for my hair, and I will be looking smokin'!

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