Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A glorious day for a walk

It is a glorious day in the nation's capital.  The sky is a deep clear blue, the sun is shining, there is a slight chill of winter to the breeze but that just makes the autumn leaves flutter all the more beautifully.

And what better way to enjoy this stunning day than a stroll around the lake with a girlfriend?  Ok, with only an hour for a lunch break it was more of a power walk, particularly for A who had baby S to push. But we got to enjoy the beauty while catching up on both exercise and gossip.  Along the way we reflected on how lucky we are to live somewhere so glorious, where in the middle of our city we can enjoy such lovely surroundings.

We weren't the only ones out.  There were people running, riding bikes, doing bootcamp and plenty more pushing babies.  It was great to see and certainly was a much better way to spend my lunch break than the usual eating at my desk while I read the news.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me, so I couldn't capture the beautiful day, but here is a shot of the lake from last winter to give you a bit of an idea about how lovely it is.


  1. It doooooooooes look beautiful!

    It keeps raining, raining, raining here. I don't like driving in the rain :( :( :( SO glad it doesn't snow here or I'd never be able to leave the house haahahahaa

    Make sure you do the cornflour bit, because I am a douche and didn't. Then you will have a nice silky gravy which mine was somewhat lacking. Oh well, it's all trial and error I think!!!

    Thank you for you comment.


  2. Yes a walk at lunch, or after work, with a friend is so lovely. Especially in beautiful surroundings. I love catching up with friends that way. If only all my friends lived in the same neighbourhood, now that would be good!
    Heidi xo