Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I don't know if it is because of the rapid onset of winter, or just one of those seasonal things that happens, but it seems like everyone has had a cold recently.  Every person I seem to be meeting at the moment has or is just getting over a cold.  And I'm definitely in that camp, a couple of weeks ago I felt awful with a cold although have luckily recovered now.

But there is a whole world of difference between the sniffles that most of us have had and the virus that put my dear friend A's little girl into hospital with bi-lateral pneumonia.  I can't even imagine how terrifying the experience for A and her husband must have been when they were told on Friday before last by their GP that it was nothing, to on Saturday being told by the hospital that they may need to be sent to Sydney by chopper.

But she is one tough little girl.  After managing to breathe at double rate for several days she has beaten the virus and they were released from hospital on Friday.  Last night I managed to visit and the sight of her gorgeous smiling face peering over the edge of the couch at me was like a ray of sunshine in my day.

She is just a delight of a little girl and seeing her smile, explore and paint everything within reach with mashed kumara so soon after such a life threatening situation was a real joy.  When we are feeling well it is easy not to think about health, but at times like these, I feel extra grateful that my body is working as intended.

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