Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Frocktober - day five

I love Frocktober.  I love wearing the dresses, raising the money for the OCRF, being part of the frock community.  And nothing beats the outpouring of support I get from my family and friends.  However, Frocktober does come with some challenges.

As I've already mentioned the weather does not necessarily encourage dress wearing.  There is a good reason why you aren't supposed to plant your tomatoes before Melbourne Cup day (the first Tuesday in November) in Canberra - it can still be damn cold!  As a result, stockings, tights and pantyhose are all very much required, as are jackets, jumpers and cardigans.  This year however cardigans appear to be out of fashion, I can't find a decent fitted waist length one anywhere!

The next challenge is the volume of dresses.  Frocktober is about raising money for the OCRF - not spending it on a new wardrobe, so the aim is that you don't buy anything new.  There is also no rule (unless it is self imposed) about wearing a different dress each day.  However when you are photographing each outfit, it just inspires you to try for variety.  I think it is unlikely that I will get through the month without a new dress (especially when I just saw a whole section in the Target catalogue of great dresses) and there will definitely be double ups, but my saviour is my gorgeous friend The Divine Ms N who allows me access to her AMAZING wardrobe.  You will see plenty of shots of her gorgeous dresses in the weeks to come.

The final challenge probably doesn't apply to most frocketts, but the thing is, I'm a dancer, and more to the point I do a dance style which involves much spinning and dipping.  As a result, the attention one pays to one's underwear must increase in proportion to the now much higher likelihood of it being on public show.  You can be assured that for the next few weeks at least I will be paying as much attention to what is under the dress as what is over it.

You know what they say about a challenge - it makes life that much more interesting!


  1. Yay, good on you for getting involved! I am loving seeing your pretty dresses each day. Hopefully the weather warms up soon :)

  2. Thanks Elyse. It is freezing today! I have such a pretty dress I want to wear on my birthday on Monday but I think it may be too cold. I will probably wear it anyway!