Friday, October 28, 2011

Frocktober - day twenty-eight

I don't usually do frills.  I like them - on other people - they have just never made it into my wardrobe.  But when you borrow dresses, you end up with things that are different from your usual and I've discovered that I love wearing fills!  The one on the hem flips as I walk and the fills on my shoulders are such a nice alternate to sleeves.  Maybe I will have to fill-ify my wardrobe!

And now for a gratuitous cake shot because we haven't had one for awhile given the current frock focus of my blog.  It was a colleague's birthday today which of course necessitates a visit to the Flue and resulted in the purchase of this amazing chocolate caramel cake topped with various flavours of macaroon.  I had both a caramel (the white one) and blood orange (the orange one) as well as some cake and it was all incredibly delicious.


  1. OMG a macaron-covered cake, I want!! Gorgeous dress xx

  2. That is a cake?! Oh wow. I'd have been thrilled if it was just ('just') macarons on a plate.

  3. Cake, macarons, frills, and smiles? Sounds pretty perfect to me :)

  4. Loving all this Frocktober inspiration - you have some great looking professional dresses - that's hard to pull off! It's a pleasure to visit you blog!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

  5. KittyCate - it was great!

    Kari - I know! And it was amazing value. There were 15 macroons on it and it only cost $35. At the normal price of macroons, I think it makes the cake part free.

    Hannah - it was fairly perfect.

    Catherine - thank you. Some of them have been rather less than professional, but I love dresses so I've collected plenty to wear to work over the years. I find it is so much quicker to get ready when I just put on a dress!