Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Frocktober - day nineteen

I've realised I'm nearly out of dresses, I will have to start repeating them soon.  That is not entirely true, if I took to wearing formal, cocktail and costume dresses I could probably get to the end of the month , but that isn't going to happen, the drycleaning bill at the end of the month would be horrific and there is no way I'm going to work in a sailor dress.

Luckily given the gorgeous array that I've worn so far repeat wearings is not something I see as a problem.

I'm thrilled to see that Modcloth has got on the Frocktober bandwagon!  I was so excited to get the notification of their Frocktober promotion in my email this morning.  Congratulations have to go to the Frockettes who started it all and for their ability to get the message going worldwide.  Fantastic work girls.  Unfortunately I don't really like the fundraising dress - oh well, I think I'm going ok in the contribution stakes.

The Queen will be in Canberra from tonight.  I'm hoping I can manage to get out and see her sail by on the lake tomorrow but that does raise an interesting question, what dress to wear when going to see the Queen, even if only at a distance.


  1. I'm feeling quite excited about the Queen being in the country. I hope you do catch a glimpse of her if you go out looking. Perhaps you'll have to pull out one of your fancy, dry clean only dresses after all :)

  2. Aneets - thank you!

    Kari - I'm thinking I will need to wear a hat so I do have a nice green dress which will match a green hat I have. That could be the option for tomorrow.

  3. That dress is fabulous - I just love the pattern!

  4. Thanks Megan, it is a great dress in summer, and luckily summer has decided to come early!