Monday, October 10, 2011

Frocktober - day ten

There were lots of things I loved about turning 30, but one of the main ones was realising how comfortable I now am in my own skin.  After years of feeling like an ugly duckling, never knowing what I should look like, how I should dress etc, I now feel comfortable in my style and happy with how I look (mostly, I do of course still have days when it just doesn't come together).  Possibly this is why I now seem to have no problem wearing very short skirts and even posting photos of myself on the internet wearing no makeup at all!

Today's dress is another from ASOS.  It has quite a flouncy skirt which doesn't necessarily give me the most flattering waist line, but I love the bounce and sway of the masses of skirt, it makes me feel incredibly girly.  It was complimented by cute burgundy tights by Leona Edmonson and my lovely birthday shoes from S.

Today was my birthday and I was incredibly spoiled by a whole host of super wonderful people.  I have to say, it really was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.  It was a relatively quiet day, but every aspect of it was full of love, happiness, smiles and warmth (metaphorically speaking, it was actually a bit grey and cold meteorologically speaking).  I finish this day reflecting on what a truly lucky person I am.


  1. Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a nice day, and that age has brought the positives you describe :) I have heard a few people say similar things actually.

    I love that dress! I think I need to give ASOS another try - one of my friends raves about it, but on my one order, the dress I ordered was waaay too big (despite being a small size) and the top a bit tighter than I like! I have been put off since.

  2. I've found the size charts to be pretty good, although I did have to get the bust of this dress taken in quite a bit but I knew that when I bought it. Now they have an Australian return address it makes it much cheaper and easier to return things that aren't quite right.

  3. Happy birthday (belated)!! I love the dress; you remind me of this little book of flower fairies that I had as a child. And I mean that in an awesome way :D

  4. Hannah I totally love that I remind you of a fairy book! What is not intrinsically awesome about that.